Why Big Businesses Buy Custom Printed Boxes (And You Should, Too)


It’s just a box, right?

Not nowadays.

Boxes are no longer merely a way to get your goods to your customer.

Of course, a box still needs to be functional – so your items arrive in good shape – but today, a box is so much more than just a product holder.  

A box has undeniable marketing value.  

It’s how people will perceive your brand, and whether they’ll choose to recommend your company to friends. So, don’t waste this opportunity. Make a favorable first impression with a custom printed box.

Make a Memorable Impression

The eCommerce sector has exploded in recent years, with more and more people ordering products online.  

Just check out these stats:

There are plenty of opportunities for your business to climb aboard the eCommerce gravy train.  

But, as people have received more packages, their expectations have also gone up. They don’t want some shoddy-looking box landing on their doorstep.  

Opening up a package is now part of the whole purchasing process.  

It’s often one of the first real encounters your customers have with your brand. For online-first brands, it might be the first time your customers can fully experience your brand offline.

If you want your business to shine, you need to go the extra mile and infuse some style into your packaging.

What Goes Into a Custom Printed Box

What Goes Into a Custom Printed Box

Your custom printed box needs to be unique and reflect who you are as a company, so you’ll have to put some effort into getting the design just right.

Remember this box is your chance to make a positive first impression and get noticed.   

You want to incorporate things like your brand colors, your logo, your slogan, or website address. You want the box to stand out. If a customer sees it they should immediately know where it came from.

Your custom box should also have a professional appearance. You don’t want it to look like a second grader designed it.  So don’t go overboard with garish colors and crazy fonts–unless of course, this kind of visual mayhem represents your company.  

But even if you feel you have zero design skills, don’t give up. There are plenty of options out there. Many custom box companies have online design tools to help you come up with a killer design.  

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Or you might feel more comfortable outsourcing your design needs.

Check out freelance sites, such as Behance, Dribbble or Fiverr. Or another option is to look for an art student from your local community college. You can even come up with your own design using sites like Canva or BeFunky.

So get out there and find a beautiful design for your box.

Tremendous Marketing Benefits

Marketing Benefits custom packaging brandable

You never want to let a marketing opportunity pass you by – especially one that takes little effort.  

What if I told you that a beautiful, easily recognizable box with branded packaging can enhance your company brand. Well, no surprises here, it can.

Your custom printed box will attract the attention of anyone who sees your box, not just the person who ordered from you. Even a casual observer – like someone walking by your house, or someone who sees the package in the delivery person’s hands – will see your company name on that box.  

If you’re lucky, your design will pique their interest in your company.

I know, it’s happened to me.  

I’ve seen cool-looking boxes on neighbors’ porches and wondered what’s in there. I’ve even googled a few companies.

Of course, marketing through packaging is not just for a casual observer’s benefit.  

Custom packaging can make your customers feel special. You want to make it a personal experience so you’ll connect with your customers and they’ll purchase from you again, and recommend your company to friends.

And if you’re really lucky, your customers will share your custom designed packaging on social media, further extending your reach. One study found that 37 percent of those who spent over $200 have shared an image on social media because of an item’s packaging.  

Now, that’s effective marketing.

Examples of Companies Doing Packaging Right

Ok, so now you appreciate the importance of custom box design as a marketing tool.

Let’s cover some examples of companies that are generating buzz and attracting customers by virtue of their awesome custom boxes.

First up, is BKLYN Larder. This catering company focuses on serving up tasty goodies like artisanal cheeses and deli meats. The shipping box is printed in red and blue inks with the company name, address, phone number, and website. Plus, the box is covered with all kinds of food-oriented words like bacon, pickles, gelato, hot coffee – I’m getting hungry just looking at it.

bklyn larder custom printed boxes

Sun Basket, stands out in the crowded online meal delivery sector.

The company ships out its ingredients in an insulated box to preserve freshness and touts that its packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable. But the box goes a step further and promotes the brand with its eye-catching design.

Sun Basket’s boxes have unique designs on all sides.

On one, there’s a picture of an idyllic farm. On another there’s a grazing cow with the tagline, “Responsibly raised room to mooo”. Another side shows a fisherman with the words, “wildly caught, wildly delicious”.

Every side of the box reinforces the company’s values and commitment to serving up healthy, organic food.

sun basket custom printed boxes

Or there’s Barkables – a company whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of dogs by using all-natural ingredients.  

Each month, Bakables will send customers one of its distinct subscription boxes filled with treats and serums designed to combat things like pain, anxiety, nausea, and inflammation in your furry friend.  

The company obviously loves dogs and it’s reflected in their packaging.  

The front of the box has their logo – a dog’s face in the shape of a heart. The all-natural bent of the company is further emphasized with the use of natural colors on the box.

barkables custom printed boxes


The box you put your products in is going to get noticed.  

The question is will it make a positive or negative impression.  

If you want to pump up your sales and stand out from your competitors – you don’t want to leave your packaging as an afterthought.  

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